Google crosses the web/brain barrier?

Google, are you reading my mind?

One interesting aspect of having a blog is checking out the search terms that people used to land at one’s site. It’s often difficult to figure out why a particular and seemingly unrelated term might bring someone this way.

But one recent search seems to have transcended the blog and gone straight into my brain-o-sphere, into the existential recess where some of my darker thoughts about grad school are stored:

“PhD meaninglessness”

Google, you know me so well. Now stop it, you’re freaking me out.

One thought on “Google crosses the web/brain barrier?

  1. Believe me I have seen the same types of searches where google seems to read my mind. I have been a blog and website admin for over 15 years and I live by my log files, that is how I found your site. I have seen some strange searches yet as well I have ran some strange sites in my time. It is interesting how google seems to read our minds at times!

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